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Simmons college 

boston, massachusetts 

;v<>r-; — r--' 

microcosm 1968 

editor-in-chief Teresa M. Winter 

associate editor Kristen Hardendorf 

photography editor Marianne Birch 

senior class editor Virginia Pires 

layout editors Barbara Kess 

Elizabeth Mayans 

technical editors Jane Hensel 

Susan Price 

advertising manager Harriet Keene 

circulation manager Laura Buehler 

business manager Bonnie Ghents 

staff Patricia Bonino 

Rita Davis 

Jane Jenkins 

Nancy McLean 

Gail Rakow 

advisor Miss Virginia Bratton 

... ""•"' 

-^Immond Gotteae 

•^e c=^Lbi^am 

"Our earth is but a small star in the great universe. Yet 
of it we can make, if we choose, a planet unvexed by war, 
untroubled by hunger or fear, undivided by senseless dis- 
tinctions of race, color or theory." 

Franklin D. Roosevelt's address to the United 
States on Flag Day, June 14, 1942 




J. Garton Needham . . . 

Vice President 1946-1968 

Psychology Department Member 1936-1942; 1946- 

Dean of Instruction 1957-1965 

Director of Institutional Studies 1968- 

a tribute 

While titles define, they are incapable of description — 
especially when the object is a personality. Mr. Needham 
has served, and continues to serve, Simmons College in 
many capacities, but his service to the school and the stu- 
dents passes beyond the limits of his offices. 

As an administrator, he supports the student and the Col- 
lege simultaneously. Fairness and a strong sense of responsi- 
bility characterize his actions and earn him the confidence 
and respect of students. 

As a professor, Mr. Needham transfers his enthusiasm and 
commitment to the student. Dynamic and intense, he is in 
constant motion, living his subject. 

However, it is as a person and a personality that Mr. 
Needham best serves Simmons. His artless poise and com- 
fortable dignity enrich every event whether he is dancing the 
Frug at Olde English Dinner or leading the processional at 

Mr. Needham has been Simmons' "Man of the Year" for 
many years and we hope he will continue to be for many 
years to come. 

To the members of the Class of 1968, I express 
my sincere appreciation for all that you have 
done to help your College. I hope that you will 
find in the years ahead that your Simmons educa- 
tion aided you in your search for intellectual de- 
velopment and personal fulfillment, and that as 
you reflect upon the time you spent here, you will 
feel it was indeed a wise investment. I hope you 
will come back to visit often in the years ahead. 


William E. Park 

Frank A. Tredinnick 
Vice President 

William F. Kahl 

Provost and Professor of History 

Eleanor Clifton 

John C. Hunter 

Administrative Assistant to the President for Development, 
Associate Professor of History, Chairman of the Department 
of History 

All our pride is but a jest; 
None are worst and none are best; 
Grief and joy, and hope and fear 
Play their pageants everywhere: 
Vain opinion all doth sway, 
And the world is but a play. 

Thomas Campion, 
m S(>n,q: Whether Men So Laugh or Weep 

HI K \l I I 


34 WISH*. 

m. m. i ^ 
(OR wws c»u »f> 

All our pride is but a jest; 
None are worst and none are best; 
Grief and joy, and hope and fear 
Play their pageants everywhere: 
Vain opinion all doth sway, 
And the world is but a play. 

Thomas Campion, 

Sonf^: Whether Men So Laugh or Weep 



1^ \ 


n\. 1»H. S « f"* I 
(OR mws c*it »rn« s j 









im\ Am(/ tM -imt 1. 


_^ ' «<*P i(Ae /5r5 5 a^f/- ^_ 









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^^^^^^^^^^^^R .v''-*^'^^^^^^^^^! 




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P^^^^^^^^^^t..^ -■! 

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HBm Xw 1 W^^IM'^ 

W^H \l J H^ 


■ 'i 

'^-. jj] -'-Bai,. ^' V 










i .'^ikMMm\.- 








The world is such a happy place, 
That children, whether big or small, 
Should always have a smiling face. 
And never, never sulk at all. 

Gabriel Setoun, The World's Music 




honors convocation 

the impossible dream 


the arts 



Christmas cotillion 




olde english dinner 



father-daughter weekend 



may breakfast 




dorm parties 


The world stands out on either side 
No wider than the heart is wide; 
Above the world is stretched the sky, — 
No higher than the soul is high. 

Edna St. Vincent Millay, Renascence 

class of 1968 


Nancy Elizabeth Corner Physical Therapy 

Marian Lerner English Education 







^ > ••-•« I 

' ''t 


~' , 


•^ ^ 



■■ ^'-^ 






' f 

Leslie Bender Elementary Education 


Karen Patricia Steere Biology 

Laurel Eileen Paretta 

Holly Jean Nylander English 

Patricia (Spear) Lemer Psychological Measurements 


Deborah Sherry Lipman Publication 

Nancy Jean Fitzgerald Education 


Judith Belle Goldberg French 


Bette Fishman Biology 

Elaine MacEacheren History 

Madelyn Joyce Pacella Business Administration 








r A^ 




1^ ^S^x 

p^^ i 



S -i 


Hannah Robinson Williams Nursing 

Janet Joyce Conway Government 

Carol Irene Stieber Education 


Charlotte Catherine Averka Nursing 

Marjorie Segel Nursing 

,-..,, „^™. __._-, ,„,^.«^^ 

Gail Noel Foote Home Economics Education 

Andrea Leigh Ehudin Publication 


Barbara Carol Burnett Government 

Hannah M. McCarthy Government 

Patricia Marie Bailey Home Economics 

Paula Ann Mazur Home Economics 


Nancy Marcia Milner Education 

Cynthia Jean Ann Purdis Business Administration 

Jane Kay Jenkins Publication 


Gretchen Gessler Psychological Measurements 

Anita Suzanne BoUt English Education 

Kathleen Marie Connolly Finance 


Monica Emily Heilbrunn Education 

Patricia Ann Rootce Medical Technology 

Pamela Jean Gray English Education 

Judith Kathleen Adams Publication 


Marcia Ellen Sommer Psychology-Social Science 

Janice E. Dzialo Elementary Education 

Beatrice (Sornberger) Daly Education 


Judith Elaine Turner Publication 

Marjorie Lawrence Publication 

Susan Dewitt Briscoe Community Work 

Barbara Jean Burns Community Work 


Ellen Young Williams Social Science 

Barbara Ellen Lisker Business Administration 

Joan Ellen Bleifeld Psychological Measurements 


Ann (Twomey) Duncan Education Beth Ann Kowaleski Elementary Education 


Jane Theresa Ellis English Education Risa (Bear) Sontz Education 

Donna Marie Splittgerber Elementary Education 

im' m ar ,^ 

Felda Deena Pisetsky English Education 


Kathleen Mary Higgins Elementary Education 

Elaine Cara Sheldon Elementary Education 

Betty Ann Raffeld Publication 


Jane (Koslowe) Sciacca Education 

Leslie Porter Marshall Publication 

Ellida Jean Hetzel Physical Therapy 


Joyce Bonnie Oppenheim Elementary Education 

Nancy Lee Hunter Psychology 

Barbara Ann Latz Publication 

Cynthia Ellen Daniel Mathematics 


Suzanne Ellen Markhard Social Science 

Cheryl Lee Gallan Social Science 


Anne Millard Sessions Education 

Alexandra Savramis Publication 


Roberta L. Katlan Mathematics 

Bonnie Ruth Ghents Business Finance 

Judith (Denslow) Ericson Publication 


Cynthia Foo-Hua Liao Mathematics-Economics 

Joanne Bricicer Elementary Education Anne (Royden) Gerken Business Administration 


Miriam Susan Axlerod Psychological Measurements 

Christine Stirling Donahue Retailing 

Margaret Ann Flynn Physical Therapy 

Sally Ann Weinberger English Education 


Jerilyn Roberta Ash English 

Jean Gloster Smith Social Science 

Julie Christine Kallias Business Administration 

Cynthia Eade Rea Education 


Carmen Penelope Perry Biology 

Joanne Scelsi Community Work 

Lizabeth Jane Glick Social Science 


Martha Deirdre McCann Elementary Education 

Phyllis Ann Caplow English Education 

Loulnda Heron Home Econ^ics 


Sheila Harriet Feinstein English 

Mary Elizabeth Halstead Physical Therapy 

Roslyn P. Levenson Community Work 

Frances Lylan Wolff Publication 


Peggy Ann Spellman English Education 

Loree Anna Nazzaro Home Economics Education 

Ada Nina Ernest Education 

Beverly Ann Foss Community Work 


Patricia Ann Laird Finance 

Bonita (Kowal) Sullivan Paramedical 

Aimee Elizabeth Swann Government 

Jean Palley Tepper Mathematics 


Susan Frances Weinbaum Social Science 

Deborah (Holop) Levitz English Education 

Carolyn Weintraub Publication 


Tina Jennifer Bendixen Mathematics-Physics 

Myra Gail Waxman Education 

Maureen Therese Thornton Government 

Anita Ellen Furman Psychology 


Christine Barbara Stawicki Publication 

Susan (Weston) Gottsegen History Education 

Ruth Gene Solomon English Education 


Joan Ann Fisher Psychology 

Barbara Jane Solomon Art History 

Marjorie Louise Forsythe Education 

Judith Ann Addlestone Publication 


Pamela Dale Griffin Publication 

Susan (Hower) Zimmerman Education 

Marilyn (Smith) Herbst Elementary Education 


Carol Ann Sanchez Education 

Barbara Louise Jondahl Englisii Liberal Arts 

Sharen (Adams) Bermudez Business Administration 

Nina Plotnick Education 


Deanna Lee Wing Social Science 

Francesca P. Urbano Mathematics 



Eleanor Mary Gonzalez Spanish 

Kristine Frances Leander Home Economics 

Dorothea G. Hatzis Elementary Education 

Laurie Anne Levesque Community Woric 

Elizabeth (Rodin) Fromer Publication 


Virginia Pires Child Development 

Kenna D. Kaplan Biology 

Anne Elizabeth Crowley Social Science 

Linda Eileen Earle Elementary Education 


Barbara Ellen Fishman Elementary Education 

Cynthia Gay Knowles Elementary Education 

Sandra Louise Nelson Nursing 


Marilyn Jean Maulsby Education 

Janet Ariene Gerard Consumer Services 

Elizabetii Ann Mayans Graphic Design 

Victoria Weill Education 


Sharon Frances Segall Elementary Education 

Angela C. Mazzotta Publication 

Barbara Ellen Simon Medical Technology 


Kathleen Gail Roper Social Science 

Christina Cruger Spanish Education 

Irene Diana Silva Elementary Education 


Deborah Huntington Crawford Community Work 


Nancy Dee Robinson English Education 

Kristen Louise Hardendorf Publication 

Judith Anne Lydon Community Work 


Ruth Ellen Gitchell Home Economics 

Sharon Diane Smoot Elementary Education 

Susan Rowena Sumner Nursing 


Susan Foster Brandt Business Administration 

Louise Ellen Chase Nursing 

"^ i'-'^ 

Elsie Marie Camardo English 

Donna Lee Hastings English 


Karen Juhar Dederyan Publication 

Ann (Morgan) Braman Social Science 

Judith Winsor Jones Child Development 



Jane Adele MacCutcheon Education 

Sylvia Yim-Sang Fung Business Administration-Economics 

Elizabeth Canby Maurer Community Work 


Julie (Hermanson) Ratner Education 

Jeanne Susan Wolf Education 

Sandra (Grayson) Jones English 


Alice Kimball Dempsey Retailing 

Audrey Marcia Fishman Social Science 

Nina Jane Reznick Social Science 

Helen Elizabeth Hiller Psychological Measurements 


Arlene Donna Diamond English Education 

Lonnie Elaine Barbach Social Science 

Donna Gene Winn Education 

Margaret Anne Cunningham Business Administration 

Elaine May Blyler Home Economics 

Betty Sue Watson Education 

Linda Jean Charpentier Chemistry 


Grace Joely Beatty Business 

Maryanne Frances Brienzo Chemistry 

Katalin (Kalmar) Schulman Science 


.Marylaine (Trombley) Hobson Home Economics 

Amy Marinell Correll Spanish Education 

Susan Karen Woods English Education 

Barbara Jane Ellis Medical Technology 



Bridget (Parson) Saltonstall Publication 


Jeanne Ann Lundy Biology 

Lelaine Edythe Neumann Community Work 


Harriet Louise Herskovitz Education 

Karen Lee Stern Institution Management 

Jane Bougess Elementary Education 

Joy E. Disbro Finance 


Claire Mary Abdelahad Medical Technology 

Lynn Meryl Pauker Elementary Education 

:f "IF 


Julie Paula Cotton Psychology 


Ellen Ann Mower Biology 

Gail Anne Abrams Education 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^K ^B^^^K^^,^^^^^ sIk 

"■■■■■■''■- ■' ^■'""' 1 

1 i^lk 


^^^^H| ^^^^^ "^'^^^^^^k 



Sheila (Zablotsky) Strassburger Education 

Nancy Isabel McLean Publication 


Barbara Rosalind Footer Community Work 

Barbara Ellen Kess Graphic Arts 

■ ^^SjI 



^ ^^^^H 

■ K^^^l^^f VSL2 .IJ^^^^^^^^^^^I 


^^^^■^v ^^^^^^^V ' .2 


Kb'' W # 1 




^^H^H^^^'-' ^lY J .^a^^ ^^B 

^H^|HH||^P ^^^^^^^H 


r ■ -'^/^iB^^^^^Bil 






Jane Berkelhammer Biology 

Irene Ward Mathematics 


Karen Ann Diamond Consumer Services 

Patricia Suzanne Latham Science 

Marilyn F. Giblin English Liberal Arts 


Pamela Ann Street Biology Education 

Helga Louise Joosten Nursing 

Susan (Kahn) Bravman Social Science 


Suzanne Louise Goodspeed Physical Therapy 

Suzanne Kelly Dickinson Nursing 

Laura A. Buehler Medical Technology 

Anne McLean Lochhead Home Economics Education 


Karen Sue Singer International Business 

Harriet Ann Keene Government 

Alma Tyson McClain Orthoptics 

Linda Nan Hull International Business 


Meredith (West) Miller French Education 

Joan Ellen Blustein Economics 

Paula Campbell Social Studies 


Linda Carole Sontz Community Work 

Deborah (Dunlap) Zarrett Education 

Jane Zenobia Schur English 

Sally Ann Farrington Spanish 


Terry Lynn Philbrick Elementary Education 

Adrien Joseph French Education 

Deborah Barr White Elementary Education 


Margo Brown Martin Psychology 

Laura Dee Radwell French Liberal Arts 

Victoria Lee Danburg Education 

Kathleen Norris Miner Business 


Marsha Anne Doty Publication 

Carol Ann Frodey Economics-Mathematics 

Gail (Goldkamp) Bagley Psychology 

Teresa Marie Winter Publication 

Carin Jane Lament Psychology 

Marianne Regina Bourguet Consumer Services 


Regina Mary Rowlinson Social Science 

Sheila Schectman Elementary Education 

Nancy Ellen Miller Art History 

^^m /r 1«| 




[ * 

} 1 

^^^^P^ % ^^^^^^^1 

i\ V 

j^U 'J 




HE ^I^KH^bb^^ 'X^^^^^I 

Marianne Kathryn Birch Publication 


Phyllis Ann Goldman Art History 

Mary Elizabeth Cordo Business Administration 

Anne Marie Lusignan Finance 


Lee Coffey Education 

Elizabeth Ann Seligson Education 

Adriane (Geller) Balaban Mathematics 

Linda Davida Sargon Chemistry 


Jane Carolyn Avery Government 

Hali Gershfield Publication 

Ann Louise Viot Physical Therapy 






\ ^J 




Gail Ann Lauter Retailing 

Melody Dyan Favish Art History 

Miriam Zerna Kandler Chemistry 

Deborah Weinstein English 


Susan Jane Cohen Publication 

Barbara Theresa Thomas Publication 



Dorothy Linda Loud Business 

Maxine Ruth Sherburne Education 

Sophia Abrams Zalk Chemistry 

Alberta Littman Chemistry 


Jane Carolyn Hensel Publication 

Ann Barbara Kadets Finance 

Nancy Bazarian Education 



Rebecca Ann Perry Retailing 

Judith Ellen Greenstein English Education 

Mary-gael Curcio Publication 

Lisa Maxine Zimetbaum Community Work 

*v-^ y>. 


,^ ¥ 




Martha Rotstein Biology 

Emily Watson Art Education 


Janet Margaret Salmon French Liberal Arts 

Judith Irene Hirsch Mathematics 

Janice Parakilas Government 

Barbara Evelyn Burtis Retailing 

Susan Dine Waldman Economics 


Sarah Susan Boyer Community Work 

Alice Harriet Naicashian French Literature 


Sandra (Tashjian) Topalian Mathematics Education 

Sharon Anne Wright Psychology 





Arlene Lenora Sano Economics-Mathematics 

Karen Sydney Berger Nursing 


Joan Diane Kantaros Elementary Education 


Karen Jean Nelson Publication 

Ann Caroline Foster Consumer Services 

Krayna Gail Epstein Elementary Education 

Donna Jane Hamway Government 


Brenda Jean Hughes Education 

Ruth (Jacobi) Swedlow Community Work 

Susan Deborah Kavesh English 



Martha Leutia Woodall Business 





Margaret Patricia Williamson Publication 

Roberta (Kinnear) Ungerer 

Helen B. Siegel English 


Naomi Ruth Eisenstadt Government 

Eileen Catherine Scully Business 

Abigail Horvitz Psychology Education 


Lois Carol Rosenthal Chemistry 

Dorothy Ann Morse Physical Therapy 

pi |B^ ^^H^H 



Esta Roslyn Goldfarb Psychology 

Joanne Etta Flink Elementary Education 


Mary-Ellen Holbrook English Education 

Sandra (Goodwin) Wright Home Economics 

Marty Ellen Kaye Chemistry 

Lynn Beth Mitchell English 


Elayne Barbara Kessel French Education 

Jane Hayes Government 

Diana Louise McCarthy Economics 

Lois Susan Statlender Spanish Education 

Susan Marshall Price Publication 


1 1 1 

If all the world must see the world 
As the world the world hath seen, 
Then it were better for the world 
That the world had never been. 

C. G. 1. eland. The World anil the World 


faculty and 


k fc.^lfc« 

Priscilla L. McKee 

Assistant to the President 

Virginia L. Senders 

Director of Career Planning and Counseling Center and 
Professor of Psychology 

Jane E. Curtin 

Director of Admission 


Dorothy G. Russell 

Director of Student Financial Aid 

Helen H. Herzog 

Assistant to the Dean 

Yvonne R. Broadcorens 

Director of Public Information 


T. R. Khanna 

Audio-Visual Services Librarian 

Loda M. Hopkins 

Director of the Library 

Eugene A. Acheson 

Superintendent of Maintenance 


Alma E. Browne 

Circulation Librarian 

Anna M. Hanson 

Director of Placement 








t,'^;^, ^.^ m 



Elizabeth T. Smith 

Director of Students 


Dorothy F. Williams 

Associate Professor of Publishing and 
Managing Editor of the Simmons Review 

Carroll F. Miles 

Chairman of the Department of Government and 
Professor of Government 

Frederick M. Anderson 

Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and 
Associate Professor of Philosophy 


Charles R. Mackey 

Assistant Professor of French 

Albert Y. Griffith 

Assistant Professor of Psyciiology 

Bruce C. Hawthorne 

Associate Professor of History 

Paul R. Nichols 

Chairman of the Departmtnt of Economics and 
Professor of Economics 



'^^ ' 


Wylie Sypher 

Chairman of the Department of English, 
Alumnae Professorial Chair and 
Professor of English 

Richard Freedman 

Assistant Professor of English 

Barbara C. Haley 

Assistant to the Provost for Independent Study and 
Field Work and Associate Professor of Retailing 


Lawrence L. Langer 

Associate Professor of English 

David Shepro 

Professor of Biology 

Helen Mamikonian 

Assistant Professor of Russian 

David G. Gullette 

Director of Student Dramatics and 
Instructor in English 


Athena R. Theodore 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Margaret M. Plymire 

Chairman of the Department of Nursing and 
Professor of Nursing 

Dino G. Valz 

Lecturer on Book, and Magazine Publishing 

David S. Perry 

Assistant Professor of English 


Iclal S. Hartman 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and 
Advisor to the Class of 1968 

Solita S. Marichal 

Associate Professor of Spanish 

Stephen R. Deane 

Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Sociology and 
Professor of Psychology 

Georgia T. Noble 

Assistant Professor of Education 


Raymond F. Bosworth 

Chairman of the Department of Publication and 
Professor of English 

Mae L. Beck 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Philip M. Richardson 

Chairman of the Department of Biology and 
Professor of Biology 


Woodrow W. Baldwin 

Chairman of the Department of Business Administration and 
Professor of Business 

Don H. McKeen 

Assistant Professor of French 

Charles E. L'Homme 

Associate Professor of English 

Barbara L. Fox 

Instructor in Secretarial Studies 


Elaine C. Hagopian 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Martha D. Berliner 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Thomas J. Wallace 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Virginia L. Bratton 

Associate Professor of Graphic Arts, 
Director of the Simmons College Press and 
Advisor to Microcosm '68 


Donald L. Fessenden 

Lecturer on Journalism 

Louise F. Cohen 

Instructor in Spanish 

Frank C. DeSua 

Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and 
Professor of Mathematics 

Burton A, Cleaves 

Director of Musical Activities and 
Associate Professor of Music 


Richard B. Carpenter 

Chairman of the Department of Art and Music and 
Associate Professor of Art History 

Robert E. Zier 

Assistant Professor of Physics 

Mercia S. Wilkins 

Special Instructor in Foods and Nutrition 

Mandakini S. Rohatgi 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 


Jeff H. Cook 

Director of Student Orchestra and 
Special Instructor in Music 

Robert C. Vernon 

Chairman of the Department of Physics and 

Professor of Physics 

Josephine F. Milburn 

Associate Professor of Government 

Manfred Klein 

Associate Professor of German 


Alden W. Poole 

Lecturer on Journalism 

Margaret L. Ross 

Chairman of the Department of Home Economics and 
Professor of Nutrition 

Margaret Rowe 

Chairman of the Department of Physical Education and 
Associate Professor of Physical Education 

Quentin R. Petersen 

Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and 

Professor of Chemistry 


Mark I. Solomon 

Instructor in History 


George W. Nitchie 

Professor of English 

Phyllis A. Brauner 

Professor of Chemistry 


Elaine C. Hubbard 

Assistant Professor of Nursing 

Kenneth M. Greene 

Chairman of the Department of Education and 
Professor of English 

Charles R. Grigg 

Special Instructor in Art 


Teresa A. Carterette 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Edith F. Helman 

Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages and 
Literatures and Professor of Spanish 

Richard C Sterne 

Associate Professor of English 

Leo J. Parente 

Associate Professor of Accounting 


Terri Winter 

mic editors 

Kris Hardendorf 
associate editor 


V >, 


Marianne Birch 
photography editor 

Laura Buehler 
circulation manager 

1 ^ 


Betty Mayans; Barb Kess 
layout editors 

Ginny Pires 
senior section editor 

Sue Price; Jane Hensel 
technical editors 

Harriet Keene 
advertising manager 

Bonnie Ghents 
business manager 


Harry J. Adams 
Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Addlestone 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ash 
Irene Hetzel Benn 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Birch 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Boyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Foster A. Brandt 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Brockway 
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Buehler 
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Burns 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caplow 
Mrs. Janina Charpentier 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cohen 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel I. Connolly 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Conway 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Crowley 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Cruger 
Victoria L. Danberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Donahue 
Mr. and Mrs. Drew G. Doty 
Dr. and Mrs. Emory H. Farrington 
Mr. Abraham A. Fisher 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Flynn 
Mr. and Mrs. Fung Mo-Ying 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Gallan 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Gerken 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Gershfield 
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gitchell 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Goldberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Goldfarb 
Mr. and Mrs. D. Goldstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Beale M. Gordon 
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Greenstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hamway 
Mr. and Mrs. Owen F. Hardendorf 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hayes 
Mr. and Mrs. John Hensel 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jenkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Lestpr C. Kadets 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kane 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Kantaros 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Kaplan 


Mrs. Wilson B. Keene 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Latz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Lauter 

Richard Lawrence 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lerner 

Dr. and Mrs. J. Gerard Levesque 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lisker 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Lochhead 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Lusignan 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. MacEacheren 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Marshall 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Maulsby 

John P. Messer 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lester Mitchell and Family 

Mr, and Mrs. Harry S. Nakashian 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Oppenheim 

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Pacella 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Parakilas 

Mrs. Leona Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Pauker 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Perry 

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert G. Perry 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Pires 

Mrs. Gordon A. Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Radwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Raffeld 

Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer M. Reznick 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Z. Rooke 

Martha Rotstein 

Mr. and Mrs. George Rowlinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Saul Schur 

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Sessions 

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Siegel 

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Singer 

Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Sontz 

John Stawicki 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Stieber 

Dr. and Mrs. Sherwood W. Steere 

Mr. and Mrs. Merton R. Sumner, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Waxman 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weill 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. WilUams 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. WilHamson 

Mrs. Allice Lee Wing 

Mr. and Mrs. Fonton M. Wing 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Winter 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Wolff 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Woods 



sfftm uujm 




r»«n I 





Compliments of 

The SiAfAioPiS P(ews 

from the 


,l'« Cnn/^C 

■^0^m^k. ^ts^ M 



Soy it with flowers 

1 1 Harvard Street 


Compliments of the 








KEnmora 6-5130 

Congratulations, Class of 1968 

from the 

MIC Editors 





Division of Spalding Sales 




462 Boylston Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 



CLASS OF 1969 

Compliments of 


Gregg and EZ Alphabetic Shorthand. 
Start any time; graduate when ready. 
Individual Attention . . . Individual. 
Promotion. Full secretarial and special ^ 
short courses. 



Founded in J 879 

367 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON • Tel. 267-5920 

(at Arlington Street, MBTA) 

Special Summer Course 


CLASS OF 1968 

from the 




#o be 


Faad SerM^ice 

William Knight 

Food Services Director 


Claire Mary Abdelahad; 430 Truman Highway, Milton, Mass. 

Gail Anne Abrams; 70 Roberta Avenue, Pawtucket, R.T. 119 
Judith Kathleen Adams; 128 North Main Street, Natick, 
Mass.; Academy, Campus Guide. 73 

Sharen (Adams) Bermudez; c/o Adams, Hamilton Road, 
Hamilton, N.Y. 97 

Judith Ann Addlestone; 2334 Sunnyside Avenue, Charleston, 
S.C.; Assistant Fire Captain, House Counselor, Potpourri 
Dorm Rep., Campus Guide, Skit Night Dorm Chairman. 95 
Jerilyn Roberta Ash; 51 Corell Road, Scarsdale, N.Y.; House 
Counselor, House Counselor Co-ordinator, Campus Guide, 
Junior Welcome, Soph Class Exec. Board. 86 
Charlotte Catherine Averka; 1857 Great Pond Road, North 
Andover, Mass.; Newman Club, Civil Rights Club, Young 
Dems, Student Nurses Association of America. 69 
Jane Carolyn Avery; South Main Street, Wolfeboro, N.H.; 
House Counselor, Skit Night, Olde English Dinner. 134 
Miriam Susan Axelrod; 29 Abeel Street, Yonkers, N.Y.; Aca- 
demic Affairs, N.S.A. 85 

Gail (Goldkamp) Bagley; 10 Beechcraft Street, Brighton, 
Mass.; Junior Year spent at U. of California, Drama Society, 
Modern Dance, Bluettes, Soph Workshop, Skit Night, Co- 
Chairman May Breakfast, Father-Daughter Weekend. 129 
Patricia Marie Bailey; 60 Union Street, South Weymouth, 
Mass. 70 

Adriane (Geller) Balaban; 7 Commonwealth Court, Brighton, 
Mass.; Junior Welcome. 133 

Lonnie Elaine Barbach; 46 Porter Road, West Orange, N.J. 

Nancy Bazarian; 134 Putnam Street, Watertown, Mass. 138 
Grace Joely Beatty; 16 Sparhawk Street, Brighton, Mass. 114 
Leslie Bender; 349 Fountain Street, New Haven, Conn.; Scope 
Music Committee. 64 

Tina Jennifer Bendixen; Box 37, F.P.O., New York, N.Y.; 
Sailing Club, Campus Guide, Skit Night. 93 
Karen Sydney Berger; Namequoit Road, South Orleans, Mass.; 
Chamber Ensemble Concert Mistress, Student-Faculty Comm. 

Jane Berkelhammer; 22 Park Circle, Newburyport, Mass.; 
Dorm Treasurer, House Counselor, Hillel, Glee Club Librar- 
ian, Campus Guide, Summer Reading Program, Skit Night, 
Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome, Senior Week Cap and 
Gown Comm. 120 

Marianne Kathryn Birch; 19 Clive Street, Worcester, Mass.; 
SCOPE Secretary, SCOPE Lecture Comm., Honor Board 
Rep., Student Assistant, House Counselor, Newman Club Pub- 
licity Chairman, Simmons News Technical Editor, Microcosm 
Photography Editor, Campus Guide, Father-Daughter Week- 
end Dinner-Dance Chairman, All College Elections Banquet 
Chairman, Handbook Editor. 130 

Joan Ellen Bleifeld; 56-23 219th Street, Bayside, N.Y.; Hillel, 
Psych Club, Recreation Assn., Campus Guide, May Breakfast, 
Tennis Team Captain. 76 

Joan Ellen Blustein; 248 Mill Street, Haverhill, Mass.; N.S.A. 
Dorm Rep., N.S.A. Secretary, Student Academic Advisor. 125 
Elaine (May) BIyler; 650 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass.; 
Home Ec Club, S.D.S., Campus Guide, Skit Ni^ht. 113 
Anita Suzanne Bollt; Grosvenor Place, Rockville, Md. 72 
Jane Bougess; 155 Hawthorne Street, Maiden, Mass.; Frosh 
Rep. 117 

Marianne Regina Bourguet; 90 Colonial Parkway, Manhasset, 
N.Y.; Commuter Organization, Honor Board Rep., Home Ec 
Club Vice President, Newman Club Publicity Chairman, 
Microcosm Dorm Rep., Junior Welcome Co-ordinator, Christ- 
mas Cotillion Publicity Chairman, All College Elections. 130 
Sarah Susan Boyer; 172 South Main Street, Cohasset, Mass.; 
Young Dems, S.D.S., Simmons News, Spring Spree. 142 
Ann (Morgan) Braman; 215 Herrick Road, Newton Centre, 
Mass. 108 

Susan Foster Brandt; 400 Elm Street, Lakehurst, I^.J. 107 
Susan (Kahn) Brauman; 15 Old Lyme Road, Scarsdale, N.Y. 

Joanne Bricker; 5 Chestnut Street, Westboro, Mass.; Academy, 
House Counselor, Soph and Senior Class Exec. Boards, Blu- 
ettes, Glee Club, Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner. 84 










< /v 

Maryanne Frances Brienzo; 16 Intervale Street, Lynn, Mass.; 
Academy, Campus Guide, Student Affiliates of A.C.S. 114 
Susan Dewitt Briscoe; Hidden Valley, Route 7, Westminster, 
Md.; House Counselor, Swim Club Treasurer, Olde English 
Dinner, Junior Welcome. 75 

Katrina Anne Brockway; Woodstock, Vt.; Junior Year at 
Vienna, Austria, Chamber Ensemble. 

Laura A. Buehler; 150 Westbridge Drive, Berea, Ohio; Micro- 
cosm, Potpourri Treasurer, May Breakfast, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Junior Welcome, Senior Banquet Chairman, All 
College Elections. 123 

Barbara Carol Burnett; R.D. #2, Oneonta, N.Y.; Junior Wel- 
come. 70 

Barbara Jean Burns; 1236 Page Terrace, Villanova, Pa.; Skit 
Night, Frosh Class Luncheon, Senior Week, Ski Club. 75 
Barbara Evelyn Burtis; 109 Sycamore Lane, Wallingford, Pa.; 
Prince Club, Frosh and Soph Class Luncheons, Christmas 
Cotillion Decoration Chairman. 141 

Patricia Dawne Calado; 2 Homestead Avenue, Acushnet, 
Mass.; Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Modern Dance, 
Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Junior Welcome. 144 
Elsie Marie Camardo; 30 Salem Drive, North Providence, 
R.L; Newman Club Dorm Rep., Skit Night, May Breakfast, 
Olde English Dinner. 107 

Paula Campbell; 63 Highland Street, Holden, Mass. 125 
Phyllis Ann Caplow; 445 Bellevue Road, New Haven, Conn.; 
Dorm Secretary, SCOPE Music Committee, SCOPE Vice 
President, SCOPE President, Campus Guide, Recipient of Co- 
lumbia University Teacher's College Book Prize. 88 
Martha Ruth Chaisson; 20 Oakley Lane, Waltham, Mass.; 

Commuter Organization, Young Republicans Vice President, 
Spring Spree, Junior Welcome. 142 

Linda Jean Charpentier; 9'/2 Vigeant Street, Ware, Mass.; 
Academy, Student Affiliates to A.C.S. President, Alumni 
Award for Academic Achievement. 113 

Louise Ellen Chase; 253 Stanley Road, Monroe, Conn.; House 
Counselor, Campus Guide, May Breakfast, Student-Faculty 
Comm. 107 

Susan Jane Cohen; 222 West 83 Street, New York, N.Y. 136 
Kathleen Marie Connolly; 924 Concord Street, Framingham, 
Mass.; Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Secretary-Treas- 
urer, Dorm Treasurer, Soph Class Exec. Board, Campus 
Guide, Bush Art Bazaar, Spring Spree, Olde English Dinner, 
Junior Welcome. 72 

Janet Joyce Conway; 17 Oak Twain, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Civil 
Rights Club, Glee Club, Junior Welcome. 68 
Mary Elizabeth Cordo; 157 Cornwall Street, Hartford, Conn.; 
Dorm Social Chairman, Newman Club Secretary-Treasurer, 
Campus Guide. 132 

Nancy Elizabeth Comer; School Street, Assonet, Mass.; Junior 
Class Social Chairman, P.T. Club, Campus Guide, Spring 
Spree, Junior Welcome, Christmas Cotillion Co-Chairman. 64 
Amy Marinell Correll; 2448 Sherwood Road, Bexiey, Ohio; 
Glee Club, Chamber Ensemble, Campus Guide. 115 
Julie Paula Cotton; 14 Florita Drive, Framingham, Mass.; 
House Counselor, Senior Class Exec. Board, Psych Club, 
Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Soph Class Luncheon, Student 
Academic Advisor, Teaching Asst. in Psychology. 118 
Deborah Huntington Crawford; 4134 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, 
Va.; Dorm Social Chairman, Junior Summer at Georgetown 
University, Psych Club, Campus Guide, Skit Night, Olde Eng- 
lish Dinner. 104 

Anne Elizabeth Crowley; 32 Russett Road, West Roxbury, 
Mass. 100 

Kristina Cruger; 1095 Horse Block Road, Farmingville, N.Y.; 
Junior Summer at University of the Americas in Mexico, Lu- 
theran Forum, Chamber Ensemble, Junior Welcome. 104 
Margaret Anne Cunningham; 27 Broadview Avenue, Maple- 
wood, N.J. 113 

Mary-gael Curcio; Tyler Road, North Andover, Mass. 139 
Beatrice (Somberger) Daly; 25A Garrison Road, Brookline, 
Mass.; SCOPE, Drama Society, Junior Welcome, Student Ad- 
visor. 74 

Victoria Lee Danberg; Clevelandtown Road, Edgartown, 
Mass.; Dorm Vice President, Junior Semester at Universidad 
de Los Andes in Colombia, Spanish Club, Young Republicans, 
Chamber Ensemble Librarian, Skit Night. Olde English Din- 
ner. 128 

Cynthia Ellen Daniel; 14 Lewis Lane, West Hartford, Conn.; 
Academy, Simmons News, Bush Art Bazaar, May Breakfast. 

Kristine (Leander) Davis; c/o Leander, Route 1. Box 352, 
Mount Vernon, Wash. 99 

Karen Johar Dederyan; 48 Quimby Street, Watertown, Mass.; 
Civil Rights Club, Campus Guide. 108 

Alice Kimball Dempsey; 19 Richardson Avenue. Wakefield, 
Mass.; Prince Club Secretary and President, Simmons News, 
Transfer Welcome, Christmas Cotillion. Ill 
Karen Ann Diamond; Ward's Island, New York, N.Y.; Trans- 
ferred from Hartwick College, Home Ec Club, Chamber En- 
semble. 121 

Arlene Donna Diamond; 68 Park Avenue, Claremont, N.H.; 
Academy, Drama Society, Campus Guide, Summer Reading 
Co-Chairman, Bush Art Bazaar, Skit Night. 112 
Suzanne Kelly Dickinson; 24 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, Mass. 

Joy E. Disbro; South Lane Road, Willoughby, Ohio; Senior 
Class Social Activities Chairman, Modern Dance. 117 
Christine Stirling Donahue; Kirby Lane, Rye, NY.; Trans- 
ferred from Marymount Jr. College, Dorm Vice President, 
Academy, Prince Club Social Chairman. 85 
Marsha Anne Doty; 49 Collier Road, Scituate, Mass.: Skit 
Night, Class Luncheon, Senior Week. 129 

Ann (Twomey) Duncan; 41 Beaconwood Road, Newton High- 
lands, Mass.; Honor Board Rep., Simmons News Copy Editor, 
Campus Guide, Father-Daughter Weekend Entertainment 
Chairman. 77 


Janice E. Dzialo; 106 Coyle Avenue, Pawtucket, R.I.; House 
Counselor, Junior Welcome Co-ordinator. 74 
Linda Eileen Earle; 18 Old Mill Road, Falmouth Foreside, 
Me.; Honor Board Rep, Student Assistant, House Counselor, 
Class Exec. Board, Recreation Assn. Class Rep., Campus 
Guide, Frosh Rep., Fund Drive. 100 

Faye Edwards; 68 Homestead Street, Boston, Mass.; Junior 
Year spent at New York University, Modern Dance. 
Andrea Leigh Ehudin; 211-15 82 Avenue, Hollis Hills, N.Y.; 
SCOPE Art Committee, Modern Dance, Simmons News, 
Spring Spree, Skit Night, Father-Daughter Weekend Welcome 
Committee, Junior Welcome. 69 

Naomi Ruth Eisenstadt; 105 Valentine Road, Milton, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Fall Se- 
mester at American University, Language Club, Religious 
Club, Young Dems Vice-President, Campus Guide, Summer 
Reading, Father-Daughter Weekend. 148 

Barbara Jane Ellis; Pole Bridge Road, Sandy Hook, Conn.; 
Academy, Class Exec. Board, Campus Guide, Spring Spree. 

Jane Theresa Ellis; 251 Summer Street, Arlington, Mass.; 
Honor Board Rep, Academy, Young Dems, Campus Guide, 
Summer Reading, Commuter Organization. 78 
Krayna Gail Epstein; 584 Washington Street, Brookline, Mass.; 
Junior Year in Jerusalem. 145 

Judith (Denlow) Ericson; Eastgate 3-B, 60 Wadsworth Street, 
Cambridge, Mass. 83 

Ada Nina Ernest; 56 Franklin Hill Avenue, Dorchester, Mass. 

Sally Ann Farrington; 17 Walton Lane, Wakefield, Mass.; Jun- 
ior Year at Mary Baldwin College in Spain, Academy, Campus 
Guide, Student Academic Advisor, Edward H. Addelson For- 
eign Study Award, Associates' Award. 126 

Melody Dyan Favish; 498 West 41 Street, Shadyside, Ohio; 
Semester of Junior Year at University of Oslo in Norway, 
SCOPE Art Committee, House Counselor, Chamber Ensem- 
ble, Simmons News Business Manager and Art Critic, Soph 
Workshop: News Editor, Spring Spree. 135 
Sheila Harriet Feinstein; 1220 East West Highway, Silver 
Spring, Md.; Senior Class Academic Affairs Rep, Stu-G Chair- 
man of Pass/Fail Commission and Chairman of the Experi- 
mental Education Program, Academy, Campus Guide., Daniel- 
son Award, Crown Zellerbach Award, Woodrow Wilson 
Nomination. 89 

Joan Ann Fisher; 170 Hemlock Road, New Haven, Conn.; 
Junior Welcome. 95 

Audrey Marcia Fishman; 60 Green Street, Vergennes, Vt.; 
House Counselor, Drama Society, Campus Guide. Father- 
Daughter Weekend. Ill 

Barbara Ellen Fishman; 5001 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 

Religious Club, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, May Breakfast. 


Bette Fishman; 9 Parsons Drive, Swampscott, Mass.; Religious 

Club, Young Dems, Microcosm. 67 

Nancy Jean Fitzgerald; 112 Oakdall Avenue, Dedham, Mass. 


Joanne Etta Flink; 14 Woodland Terrace, Providence, R.I.; 

Religious Club, Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner. 

Margaret Ann Flynn; 28 Great Hill Road, Seymour, Conn.; 

P.T. Club Class Rep. and President, Recreation Assn. Dorm 

Rep, Spring Spree Publicity Chairman, Soph Luncheon, 

Christmas Cotillion. 85 

Gail Noel Foote; Maxwell Road, Newtonville, N.Y.; Dorm 

President, House Counselor, Class Exec. Board, Home Ec 

Club, Campus Guide, Rep. to Mass. Home Economics Associ- 
ation College Chapters. 69 

Barbara Rosalind Footer; 29 Fairhaven Road, Newton, Mass.; 

Psych Club Chairman of Tours Committee. 90 

Marjorie Louise Forsythe; 23 Redford Avenue, Milford, Conn. 


Beverly Ann Foss; 168 Humphrey Street, Swampscott, Mass.; 

Recreation Association, Dorm Social Activities Chairman, 

Class Exec. Board, Bluettes Leader, Campus Guide, Speakers 

Bureau, Skit Night. 90 

Ann Caroline Foster; 115 Stoughton Street, Stoughton, Mass.; 

Student Assistant, Home Ec Club, Religious Club, Young Re- 
publicans, Summer Reading. 145 


Carol Ann Frodey; 409 Cherokee Drive, Fremont, Mich.; 
Dorm Vice-President, Junior Year at University of Stoci<holm 
in Sweden, Student Assistant, Young Republicans, International 
Relations Club, Campus Guide, Skit Night. 129 
Elizabeth (Rodin) Fromer; 56 Queensberry Street, Boston, 
Mass. 99 

Sylvia Yim-Sang Fung; 41 A Stubbs Road, Villa Monte Rosa, 
Hong Kong, B.C.C.; SCOPE, Simmons News, Campus Guide, 
Summer Reading, Spring Spree, Skit Night, Olde English Din- 
ner. 109 

Anita Ellen Furman; 507 Milton Drive, Brandywine Hills, 
Wilmington, Del. 93 

Cheryl Lee Gallan; 125 Pleasant View Avenue, Longmeadow, 
Mass. 82 

Janet Arlene Gerard; 152 Seton Place, South Orange, N.J.; 
Dorm Vice President, Home Ec Club, Simmons News, Skit 
Night, Junior Welcome. 102 

Hali Gershfield; 22 West Street, Sharon, Mass.; Junior Year in 
Paris, Simmons News, Spring Spree Co-chairman, Skit Night, 
May Breakfast, Father-Daughter Weekend. 134 
Gretchen Gessler; Ivy House, R.D.#1, North Wales, Pa.; Frosh 
Rep., Dorm Vice President, Swim Club, Junior Welcome. 72 
Bonnie Ruth Ghents; 309 Main Street, New Canaan, Conn.; 
Dorm Treasurer, N.S.A., Religious Club, Microcosm Business 
Manager, Skit Night, Olde English Dinner. 83 
Marilyn F. Giblin; 19 Waucontuck Road, Worcester, Mass.; 
Academy, Academic Affairs, Junior Welcome Chairman. 121 
Ruth Ellen Gitchell; 108 Ardmore Road, West Hartford, 
Conn.; Home Ec Club Soc. Act. Chairman and President, 
Glee Club, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome. 106 
Lizabeth Jane Glick; 192 Colony Road, New Haven, Conn. 87 
Judith Belle Goldberg; 12 Carol Road, Marblehead, Mass.; 
Academy, Psych Club, Spring Spree, Skit Night, Father- 
Daughter Weekend. 66 

Esta Roslyn Goldfarb; 358 McKinley Avenue, Bridgeport, 
Conn.; Academic Affairs Chairman, Stu-G Committee on Col- 
lege Policy, Frosh Class Exec. Board, Psych Club. 149 
Phyllis Ann Goldman; 21 Ferguson Avenue, Port Jervis, N.Y.; 
Academic Affairs, SCOPE, Hillel, Drama Society, Simmons 
News, Spring Spree, Junior Welcome, Christmas Cotillion, 
Student Academic Advisor. 132 

Susan Adrienne Goldstein; 117 Robert Street, Waterbury, 
Conn.; SCOPE Publicity Chairman, Simmons News, Spring 
Spree, Junior Welcome, Essays and Studies. 
Eleanor Mary Gonzalez; 72 Roseville Street, Fairfield, Conn.; 
SCOPE, Academy, Spanish Club Secretary, Newman Club, 
Soph Workshop, Campus Guide, Bush Art Bazaar, Spring 
Spree, Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome. 98 
Suzanne Louise Goodspeed; 18 Fleetwood Street, Portland, 
Maine; Dorm Treasurer, Dorm Recreation Assn. Rep., P.T. 
Club, Swim Club, Junior Welcome. 123 

Anne Royer Gordon; 70 Prospect Avenue, North Kingstown, 
R.I.; Senior Class Exec. Board, Prince Club Vice President, 
Young Republicans, Drama Society, Campus Guide, Bush Art 
Bazaar Treasurer, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Olde English 
Dinner, Junior Welcome, Junior Prom, Student Academic Ad- 
visor, Business Liason Committee. 77 

Susan (Weston) Gottsegen; 1409 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Brighton, Mass.; Modern Dance Club. 94 

Pamela Jean Gray; 556 First Parish Road, Scituate, Mass.; 
Dorm Junior Class Rep., Skit Night, Olde English Dinner. 73 
Sandra Anne Grayson; 136 Fiske Avenue, Cumberland, R.I.; 
SCOPE, Academy, Simmons News, Campus Guide, Bush Art 
Bazaar, May Breakfast, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior 
Welcome. 110 

Judith Ellen Greenstein; 89 Nesmith Street, Lawrence, Mass.; 
Senior Class Honor Board Rep., Hillel, Simmons News, Olde 
English Dinner Publicity Chairman. 139 

Maureen Stefani Griffin; 13 Sanborn Street, Exeter, N.H.; 
Newman Club, Drama Society, Sailing Club, Campus Guide, 
Spring Spree, Soph Class Luncheon. 

Pamela Dale Griffin; 22 Windy Hill Road, Cohasset, Mass.; 
Dorm Secretary, Young Republicans Treasurer, Simmons 
News, Spring Spree, Junior Welcome, Soph Class Luncheon. 


Mary Elizabeth Halstead; 505 Dogwood Lane, Baltimore, Md.; 
P.T. Club Senior Rep., Swim Club. 89 

Donna Jane Hamway; King George, Va.; Soph Class Dorm 
Rep., Junior Year in Vienna, Austria, Campus Guide, May 
Breakfast Song Chairman. 145 

Kristen Louise Hardendorf; 3 Long View Drive, Simsbury, 
Conn.; Senior Class Social Activities Chairman, Dorm Social 
Activities Chairman, Simmons News Feature Editor, Simmons 
News Managing Editor, Microcosm Associate Editor, Skit 
Night, May Breakfast Co-Chairman, Olde English Dinner Skit 
Chairman, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Welcome Enter- 
tainment Chairman, Christmas Cotillion, Senior Week, Student 
Academic Advisor. 105 

Donna Lee Hastings; 50 Leonard Crescent, Penfield, N.Y.; 
Frosh Class Dorm Rep., Dorm President, Soph Class Honor 
Board Rep., House Counselor, Campus Guide. 107 
Dorothea G. Hatzis; 55 Concord Street, Nashua, N.H.; 
SCOPE Art Comm., Campus Guide, Bush Art Bazaar, Spring 
Spree, Olde English Dinner. 99 

Jane Hayes; 136 Pawtuxet Avenue, Edgewood, R.I.; Dorm 
Social Activities Chairman, Student Assistant, House Coun- 
selor, Young Democrats, Drama Society, Sailing Club, Cam- 
pus Guide. 151 

Monica Emily Heilbrunn; 61-25 97th Street, Apt. 15F, Rego 
Park, N.Y.; Sophomore Class Publicity Chairman, Drama So- 
ciety, Young Democrats, Campus Guide, Summer Reading, 
Spring Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast Mimeo Chairman, 
Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome Party Comm. 73 
Jane Carolyn Hensel; 3300 Pleasant Avenue, Weehawken, 
N.J.; Dorm Fire Captain, SCOPE Arts Comm. Secretary, 
House Counselor, Senior Class Exec. Board, Microcosm Tech- 
nical Editor, Spring Spree, All College Elections. 138 
Marilyn (Smith) Herbst) 50 Evergreen Street, Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. 96 

Loulnda Heron; 902 S. 9th Street, Mt. Vernon, Wash. 88 
Harriet Louise Hershovitz; 5607 Danington Road, Pittsburgh, 
Penn. 117 

Ellida Jean Hetzel; 116 Williams Avenue, McMurray, Penn.; 
Commuter Organization, Physical Therapy Club Treasurer and 

Vice President, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome. 80 
Kathleen Mary Higgins; 22 Williamsburg Drive, Orange, 
Conn.; Senior Class President, Dorm Recreation Ass". Ren., 
Sophomore Year at Albertus Magnus College, Junior Honor 
Board Rep., Junior Class Exec. Board, Newman Club Dorm 
Rep., Recreation Assn., Simmons News, Spring Spree, Olde 
English Dinner, Junior Welcome, Christmas Cotillion Hostess 
Comm. Chairman, Junior Prom Publicity Chairman. 79 
Helen Elizabeth Hiller; 47 Mohawk Drive, Norwalk, Conn.; 
Campus Guide. Ill 

Judith Irene Hirsch; 972 Walnut Street, Newton, Mass.; Stu-G 
Commuter Senior Rep., Swim Club, Recreation Assn. Basket- 
ball Chairman, Varsity Basketball Team, Olde English Dinner 
Commuter Rep., Junior Welcome, Student Academic Advisor. 

Marylaine (Trombley) Hobson; 4 Fairlawn Avenue, Milton, 
Mass. 115 

Mary-Ellen Holbrook; 970 Salisbury Street, Holden, Mass.; 
Dorm Assistant Fire Captain, Stu-G Assistant Treasurer, Skit 
Night, Junior Welcome. 150 

Abigail Horvitz; 35 Sargent Avenue, Providence, R.L; SCOPE 
Vice President, Senior Class Exec. Board, Young Democrats, 
Chamber Ensemble, Potpouri, Spring Spree, Olde English Din- 
ner, Junior Welcome Dance Chairman, All College Elections. 

Brenda Jean Hughes; 4 Burgess Street, Methuen, Mass.; Rec- 
reation Assn. Dorm Rep. 146 

Linda Nan Hull; 49 Larkspur Road, Fairfield, Conn.; Dorm 
N.S.A. Rep., senior Class Rep., Junior Year in Vienna, Young 
Republicans, Glee Club, Campus Guide, Spring Spree. 124 
Nancy Lee Hunter; 29 Plainfie'd Road, West Hartford, Conn.; 
SCOPE Film Comm., SCOPE Art Comm., Psych Club, Cam- 
pus Guide, Spring Spree, Olde English Dinner, Riding Club. 81 
Jane Kay Jenkins; 163 Myrtle Avenue, Allendale, N.J.; Dorm 
Social Activities Chairman, Dorm President, Freshman and 
Senior Exec. Board, Microcosm, Campus Guide, Skit Night, 
May Breakfast, Junior Welcome Coordinator. 71 
Barbara Louise Jondahl; N. Green Bay Road, Racine, Wise; 


Judith Winsor Jones; 1226 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth, 
Maine; Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Dorm President, 
Academy, Home Ec. Club, Transfer Welcome, Student Aca- 
demic Advisor. 108 

Helga Louise Joosten; 21 Hamilton Lane, Darien, Conn.; 
Swim Club, Campus Guide, Student-Faculty Comm. — Depart- 
ment of Nursing Chairman, International Relations Club. 122 
Adrien Joseph; 1182 Sharp Road, Vineland, N.J.; Junior Year 
Semester at the Sorbonne in Paris, House Counselor, Soph 
Workshop Secretary, Campus Guide, Skit Night, Junior Wel- 
come. 127 

Ann Barbara Kadets; 76 East Side Parkway, Newton, Mass.; 
Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Olde English Dinner, Junior 
Welcome, Sophomore Class Luncheon, Student Academic Ad- 
visor. 138 

Julie Christine Kallias; 38 Nahant Road, Nahant, Mass.; Dorm 
Dining Room Council Rep., Student Assistant, House Counse- 
lor, Prince Club, Orthodox Club at B.U., Olde English Dinner, 
Christmas Cotillion. 86 

Miriam Zema Kandler; 352 Clyde Street, Brookline, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, Sophomore Year in Israel, Hillel 
Second Vice-President, Chamber Ensemble, Student Affiliate 
of American Chemical Society, Chemistry Laboratory Aide. 

Joan Diane Kantaros; 12 Vose Hill Road, Milton, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, Simmons News. 144 
Kenna D. Kaplan; 628 Westford Street, Lowell, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Junior Welcome. 100 

Roberta L. Katlan; 5638 Main Street, Flushing, N.Y.; Fresh- 
man Class Secretary, Assistant to Stu-G Secretary, Student 
Assistant, House Counselor, Freshman Class Exec. Board, Sail- 
ing Club Commodore, Soph Workshop Chairman, May Break- 
fast, Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome. 83 
Susan Deborah Kavesh; 329 Ash Street, Manchester, N.H.; 
Junior Year Semester in Aix-en-Provence, France, French 
Club, Hillel News Editor, Hillel Dorm Rep., Sailing Club, 
Summer Reading. 146 

Marty Ellen Kaye; 26 Ogden Street, Providence, R.I.; Spring 
Spree, May Breakfast, Olde English Dinner, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Junior Welcome, Sophomore Class Luncheon. 150 
Harriet Ann Keene; 11725 Laurelwood Drive, Studio City, 
Calif.; Dorm Assistant Fire Captain, Stu-G Secretary for 
House President's Council, Stu-G Assistant Treasurer, Dining 
Room Council, Microcosm, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Skit 
Night, May Breakfast, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Wel- 
come, Soph Luncheon, Harter Award 1967, Fund Drive. 124 

Barbara Ellen Kess; 925 58th Street, Des Moines, Iowa; 
SCOPE Arts Comm., SCOPE Art & Publicity Comm.,' 
SCOPE Print Sale, Microcosm Layout Editor, Campus Guide, 
Spring Spree Decorations Comm., Junior Welcome Publicity 
Comm. 120 

Elayne Barbara Kessel; 24 Byron Avenue, Laurence, Mass.; 
Academy, Language Club, Campus Guide. 151 
Lee (Coffey) Klebba; c/o Coffey, 1 Ridge Road, Lawrence, 
Mass.; Dorm Vice-President, SCOPE, Newman Club, Young 
Democrats President & Exec. Board, Spring Spree, May 
Breakfast, Junior Welcome, Soph Luncheon. 133 
Cynthia Gay Knowles; Old County Road, Box 119, East 
Sandwich, Mass.; Campus Guide. 101 

Beth Ann Kowaleski; 95 Forest Street, Plainville, Conn.; Civil 
Rights Club, Young Democrats. 77 

Patricia Ann Laird; 35 Eaton Road, Lexington, Mass. 91 
Carin Jane Lamont; 115 Wellington Avenue, New Rochelle, 
N.Y.; Junior Semester in Paris, House Counselor, Civil Rights 
Club, Campus Guide, Volunteer Chairman of Social Relations 
Club. 131 

Patricia Suzanne Latham; 4580 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu, 
Hawaii; Riding Team, Bluettes Leader and Officer, Spring 
Spree, Olde English Dinner. 121 

Barbara Ann Latz; 1749 South Tenth Street, Fargo, North 
Dakota; Simmons News Reporter & News Editor, Microcosm, 
Potpourri, Campus Guide, Spring Spree Luncheon Chairman, 
Junior Welcome Hostess Chairman, Student Academic Ad- 
visor. 81 

Gail Ann Lauter; 3 Chester Drive, Rye, N.Y.; Dorm Vice 
President, Dorm President, Prince Club Vice President, Spring 
Spree, Transfer Welcome Chairman, Junior Class Luncheon. 

Marjorie Lawrence; Meadow Road, Raymond, Maine; Senior 
Class Exec. Board, Microcosm Dorm Rep., Campus Guide, 
Bush Art Bazaar, May Breakfast. 75 

Patricia (Spear) Lemer; 3707 Randall Mill Road NW, Atlanta, 
Ga.; House Counselor, Campus Guide. 65 

Marian Lerner; 5 Oakley Road, White Plains, N.Y.; Psych 
Club, Sailing Club, Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner. 64 
Roslyn P. Levenson; 50 Green Street, Brookline, Mass.; 
SCOPE, Religious Club, Glee Club Personnel Manager, Glee 
Club Secretary-Treasurer, Glee Club President, Simmons 
News, Summer Reading Program, Spring Spree, Olde English 
Dinner, Social Relations Comm. Treasurer, Student Academic 
Advisor, Independent Study in Social Welfare. 89 
Laurie Anne Levesque; 7 Taft Street, Nashua, N.H.; SCOPE 
Arts Comm., Social Relations Comm., Bush Art Print Sale 
Chairman, Transfer Welcome. 99 

Deborah (Holop) Levitz; 650 Huntington Avenue, Boston, 
Mass; Hillel Exec. Board, Campus Guide, Spring Spree Chair- 
man, Junior Welcome Comm., Soph Luncheon Comm. Chair- 
man, Christmas Cotillion Invitation Comm., Senior Week, 
Frosh Office Staff. 92 

Cynthia Foo-Hua Liao; 48 Spring House Lane, Media, Pa.; 
House Counselor, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Junior Wel- 
come. 84 

Deborah Sherry Lipman; 27 West Ridge Drive, West Hartford, 
Conn.; Glee Club Publicity Chairman. 66 

Barbara Ellen Lisker; 122 Fosdyke Street, Providence, R.I.; 
Senior Class Honor Board Rep., Junior & Senior Class Exec. 
Boards, Spring Spree, Skit Night, Junior Welcome. 76 
Alberta Littman; 33 Edinburgh Road, Charleston, S.C.; Hillel, 
Spring Spree, Skit Night. 137 

Ann Lobman; 5515 Hurst Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; 
Dorm Treasurer, Campus Guide, Spreakers Bureau, Olde Eng- 
lish Dinner, Junior Welcome, Christmas Cotillion. 
Anne McLean Lochhead; 42 Orchard Road, Windsor, Conn.; 
Home Ec Club Secretary, Sailing Club, Glee Club, Campus 
Guide. 123 

Dorothy Linda Loud; 114 Candia Street, Weymouth, Mass. 

Jeanne Ann Lundy; 206 Chestnut Street, Punxsutawney, Penn.; 
House Counselor, May Breakfast, Junior Welcome, Transfer 
Welcome, Academic Affairs. 116 

Anne Marie Lusignan; 134 South Street, Shrewsbury, Mass.; 
Newman Club, Glee Club, Skit Night. 132 

Judith Anne Lydon; 18 Morrill Road, Norwood, Mass.; Reli- 
gious Club, Transfer Welcome, Volunteer Work. 105 

Jane Adele MacCutcheon; 4 Newsome Park, Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. 109 

Elaine MacEacheren; 17 Skilton Lane, Burlington, Mass.; 
SCOPE Lecture Comm., Dining Room Council. 67 
Helaine Cora Mandel; 77 Westview Road, Short Hills, N.J.; 
N.S.A. Secretary, Civil Rights Club, Simmons College Hand- 
book Editor, Simmons College Government Department sti- 
pend. 136 

Suzanne Ellen Markhard; 267 Grove Street, Hanover, Mass. 

Leslie Porter Marshall; 14 Columbia Avenue, Nashua, N.H.; 
Stu-G Rep., Glee Club, Olde English Dinner Chairman, Junior 
Welcome. 80 

Margo Brown Martin; 34 Cedarwood Drive, New Britain, 
Conn. 128 

Marilyn Jean Maulsby; 31 Prospect Avenue, Darien, Conn.; 
House Counselor, Campus Guide, Volunteer Program. 102 
Elizabeth Canby Maurer; 3205 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, 
Pa.; Student Assistant, Glee Club Personnel Manager, Glee 
Club Student Accompanist, Campus Guide. 109 
Elizabeth Ann Mayans; 3604 Mound Way, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Dorm Assistant Fire Captain, SCOPE, Civil Rights Club, Mi- 
crocosm Layout Editor, Campus Guide, Spring Spree Co- 
chairman, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Welcome Public- 
ity Chairman, Soph Luncheon Publicity Chairman, Student 
Academic Advisor. 102 


Paula Ann Mazur; 106 West Main Street, Plainville, Conn.; 
House Counselor, Senior Class Exec. Board, Home Ec Club, 
Newman Club, Campus Guide. 70 

Angela C. Mazzotta; 5 Mazzotta Place, Middletown, Conn.; 
Newman Club, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Junior Welcome. 

Martha Deirdre McCann; 90 Beech Street, Lowell, Mass.; 
House President, Newman Club, Dining Room Council Coor- 
dinator, Campus Guide. 88 

Diana Louise McCarthy; 58-bis. Rue de la Boetie, Paris, 
France; Newman Club, Summer Reading, Skit Night, May 
Breakfast. 151 

Hannah M. McCarthy; Wallace Road, Bedford, N.H.; Dorm 
Assistant Fire Captain, Newman Club, Young Democrats, 
Spring Spree, Olde English Dinner, Christmas Cotillion. 70 
Alma Tyson McClain; 702 S. 15th Street, Wilmington, N.C.; 
Dorm President, Dorm Treasurer. 124 

Nancy Isabel McLean; Antrim, N.H.; Dorm Secretary, Glee 
Club, Simmons News Assistant Copy Editor, Microcosm, 
Campus Guide, Junior Welcome. 119 

Meredith (West) Miller; 123 Pleasant Street, Raynham, Mass.; 
Dorm Recreation Assn. Rep., Honor Board Rep., Newman 
Club, Soph Workshop, Speakers Bureau, Skit Night, May 
Breakfast, Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome. 125 
Nancy Ellen Miller; 87 Indian Spring Lane, Rochester, N.Y.; 
Christian Science Organization President, Christian Science 
Organization Treasurer, Glee Club, Campus Guide, Summer 
Reading, Olde English Dirmer, Freshman Class Luncheon Pub- 
licity Chairman. 131 

Nancy Marcia Milner; 55 Avondale Road, Newton, Mass. 71 
Kathleen Norris Miner; 4898 Smiley Terrace, Clarence, N.Y. 

Lynn Beth Mitchell; 30 Koger Road, Trumbull, Conn.; Stu-G 
Fund Drive Chairman, Hillel Religious Chairman. 150 
Dorothy Ann Morse; 589 Lewiston Road, Basom, N.Y.; Dorm 
Treasurer, House Counselor, P.T. Club, Sailing Club Team, 
Recreation Assn. Outing Head & President, Dining Room 
Council, Speakers Bureau, May Breakfast Waitress, Olde Eng- 
lish Dinner, Father-Daughter Weekend, South-End Tutoring, 
Boston State Hospital Volunteer, Student Academic Advisor. 

Ellen Ann Mower; 176 High Street, Brookline, Mass.; Sopho- 
more Class Exec. Board, Stu-G Soph and Junior Rep., Lan- 
guage Club, Young Democrats, Drama Society Treasurer, Sail- 
ing Club, Language Lab Assistant, Campus Guide, Summer 
Reading, Junior Welcome, Student Academic Advisor. 119 
Alice Harriet Nakashian; 22 Bates Road, Watertown, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, Junior Year Semester in Paris, 
SCOPE, N.S.A., French Club, Bush Art Bazaar, Olde English 
Dinner. 142 

Loree Anna Nazzaro; 456 Central Avenue, Milton, Mass.; Stu- 
dent Assistant, House Counselor, Home Ec Club Officer, New- 
man Club, Glee Club, Campus Guide, May Breakfast, Olde 
English Dinner, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Welcome, 
Freshman and Sophomore Class Luncheons, Junior Prom 
Chairman. 90 

Karen Jean Nelson; 173 Brattle Street, Holden, Mass.; Stu-G 
Campus Treasurer, Young Republicans, Simmons News, Soph 
Workshop, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Skit Night, Soph 
Luncheon. 145 

Sandra Louise Nelson; 137 Falcon Street, Needham, Mass. 101 
Leiaine Edythe Neumann; 301 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.; 
Father-Daughter Weekend. 116 

Holly Jean Nylander; 978 Humphrey Street, Swampscott, 
Mass.; SCOPE, Academy, Simmons News, Potpourri, Campus 
Guide, nominated for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. 65 
Joyce Bonnie Oppenheim; 1665 Boulevard, New Haven, 
Conn.; Dorm Assistant Fire Captain, Glee Club Manager, Stu- 
dent Academic Advisor. 81 

Madelyn Joyce Pacella; 4680 Iselin Avenue, Riverdale, N.Y.; 
Newman Club, Young Republicans, Spring Spree, Olde English 
Dinner. 67 

Janice Parakilas; 8 Mitchell Drive, Enlield, Conn.; Senior 
Class Dorm Rep., Stu-G Rep., Young Dems Treasurer, Mod- 
ern Dance Club, Spring Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast, 
Olde English Dinner, Soph Class Luncheon. 141 
Laurel Eileen Paretta; 85 Alexander Street, Bristol, Conn. 65 

Lin Arlyne Parker; 191 Center Road, Bedford, Ohio; Young 
Dems, Simmons News. 77 

Lynn Meryl Pauker; Cedarbrook Hill Apt. 204, Wyncote, Pa.; 
Campus Guide. 118 

Carmen Penelope Perry; 50 Pauline Street, New Bedford, 
Mass.; Chamber Ensemble, Simmons News Feature Editor, 
Junior Welcome. 87 

Rebecca Ann Perry; 15 Hollywood Drive, North Grafton, 
Mass.; Dorm Secretary-Treasurer, N.S.A., Prince Club, Drama 
Society, Spring Spree. 139 

Terry Lynn Philbrick; 361 Main Street, Manchester, Conn.; 
Campus Guide. 127 

Virginia Pires; Fernandes Circle, Norton, Mass.; Home Ec 
Club, Newman Club Social Activities Chairman, Microcosm 
Senior Section Editor, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, Skit 
Night, May Breakfast Publicity Chairman, Soph Luncheon. 

Felda Deena Pisetsky; 10 Haynes Road, West Hartford, Conn.; 
Dorm Fire Captain, Spring Spree Mother's Day Luncheon 
Chairman, Skit Night, Olde English Dinner. 78 
Nina Plotnick; 188 Quinobequin Road, Newton, Mass. 97 
Susan Marshall Price; 1914 48th Street N.W., Canton, Ohio; 
Stu-G Rep., House Counselor, N.S.A., Modern Dance Club, 
Simmons News Technical Editor, Microcosm Technical Editor, 
Bush Art Bazaar, Spring Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast, 
Olde English Dinner, Junior Welcome, Senior Week. 151 
Cynthia Jean Ann Purdis; 334 Nesmith Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Laura Dee Radwell; 128 Woods Avenue, Malverne, N.Y.; Jun- 
ior Year at Universite de Nice and the Sorbonne. 128 
Betty Ann Raffeld; 197 Crestview Circle, Longmeadow, Mass.; 
House Counselor, Olde English Dinner Co-chairman, Junior 
Prom. 79 

Julie (Hermanson) Ratner; 315 West 103rd Street, New York, 
N.Y.; Senior Spring Semester at Barnard College, Chamber 
Ensemble, May Breakfast, Olde English Dinner, Junior Wel- 
come. 110 


Cynthia Eade Rea; 150 Raymond Road, West Hartford, 
Conn.; Dorm Fire Captain, Dorm Treasurer, House Counse- 
lor, S.D.S., Skit Night, Junior Welcome. 86 
Nina Jane Reznick; 2 Oak Lane, Scarsdale, N.Y. Ill 
Nancy Dee Robinson; 31 Washington Parkway, Lowell, Mass. 

Patricia Ann Rooke; 31 Lime Kiln Road, Lenox, Mass.; Junior 
Class Social Activities Chairman, Senior Class Vice President, 
House Counselor, Newman Club, Swim Club Treasurer, Sail- 
ing Club, Dining Room Council, Spring Spree Class Booth 
Chairman, Skit Night, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Wel- 
come, Christmas Cotillion Chairman. 73 
Kathleen Gail Roper; 3 Memorial Way, Arlington, Mass. 104 
Lois Carol Rosenthal; 49 Pearl Avenue, Winthrop, Mass.; 
Dorm Secretary-Treasurer, Stu-G Rep., Academy, Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome. 149 

Martha Rotstein; 6 Forest Avenue, Salem, Mass.; House Coun- 
selor, Hillel, Junior Welcome, Student Academic Advisor. 140 
Regina Mary Rowlinson; 109 Landseer Street. Boston, Mass. 

Anne Royden; 15 Knolls Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. 84 
Janet Margaret Salmon; 86 Fairhaven Road, Worcester, Mass.; 
Junior Year at Institut de Touraine, Campus Guide. 141 
Bridget (Parson) Saltonstall; 104 Hidden Road, Andover, 
Mass.; Bluettes Business Manager, Skit Night, Olde English 
Dinner. 116 

Carol Ann Sanchez; 251 Puritan Road, Swampscott, Mass. 97 
Arlene Lenora Sano; 30 Maplewood Road, Lynn, Mass.; Com- 
muter Organization, House Counselor, Simmons News Circula- 
tion Manager, Academic Affairs Committee. 143 
Linda Davida Sargon; 295 Clark Road, Brookline, Mass.; Soph 
Class Secretary, Junior Class Vice President, Modern Dance 
Club, Glee Club, Campus Guide, May Breakfast, Christmas 
Cotillion. 133 

Alexandra Savramis; 139 Fairview Avenue, Portsmouth, N.H.; 
SCOPE Publicity Chairman, Drama Society Treasurer, Sim- 
mons News Copy Editor, Campus Guide, William Cavanaugh 
Award. 82 

Joanne Sceisi; 81 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, Mass.; Acad- 
emy, Newman Club, Social Relations Club. 87 
Sheila Schectman; 86 Wolcott Street, Bristol, Conn.; Dorm 
Treasurer, Junior Class Exec. Board, Skit Night, Junior Prom. 

Katalin (Kalmar) Schulman; 44B Charlesbank Way, Waltham, 
Mass.; Campus Guide, Summer Reading Program, Spring 
Spree, Skit Night, Olde English Dinner. 114 
Jane Zenobia Schur; 171 Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, N.Y.; 
N.S.A. Council Member, Simmons News Photography Editor. 

Jane (Koslowe) Sciacca; 55 Burbank Street, Boston, Mass. 80 
Eileen Catherine Scully; 992 Brook Road, Milton, Mass. 148 
Sharon Frances Segall; 14 West Street, New Bedford, Mass. 

Majorie Segel; 1 Winston Road, Dorchester, Mass. 69 
Elizabeth Ann Seligson; 79 Harvard Avenue, Brookline, Mass. 

Anne Millard Sessions; North Davis Road, East Aurora, N.Y. 

Elaine Cara Sheldon; 35 Meadow Lane, Manchester, Conn.; 
Frosh Class President, Soph Class President, Swim Club, Rec- 
reation Assn., Soph Workshop, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, 
Skit Night, May Breakfast, Olde English Dinner. 79 
Maxine Ruth Sherburne; Coburn Road, Tyngsboro, Mass.; 
SCOPE Lectures Committee, Summer Reading Program Co- 
Chairman, Junior Welcome, Student Academic Advisor, 
Woodrow Wilson Nominee. 137 

Helen B. Siegel; 29 Inwood Street, Yonkers, N.Y.; Junior Year 
at Princeton University, Academy, Woodrow Wilson Nominee. 

Jayn Marta Silberberg; 427 Kinderkamack Road, River Edge, 
N.J. 144 

Irene Diana Silva; 51 Edward Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass.; New- 
man Club, Spring Spree, Junior Welcome. 104 
Barbara Ellen Simon; 4 Bay Street, Beverly, Mass.; Dorm 
Vice President. 103 

Karen Sue Singer; Happy Valley Road, Westerly, R.I.; Dorm 
Secretary, Glee Club. 127 

Jean Gloster Smith; Hamlet Hill Road, Salisbury, Conn. 86 
Sharon Diane Smoot; 9212 St. Mark's Place, Fairfax, Va. 106 
Barbara Jane Solomon; 450 Claybourne Road, Rochester, 
N.Y.; Junior Semester in Florence, Italy, Prince Club, Campus 
Guide. 95 

Ruth Gene Solomon; 29 Lawrence Road, Medford, Mass.; 
SCOPE, Hillel, Campus Guide. 94 

Marcia Ellen Sommer; 71 Dunster Road, Framingham, Mass.; 
Dorm Fire Captain, Dorm President, S.D.S., Psych Club, 
Summer Reading Program, Spring Spree, Skit Night, Recrea- 
tion Assn. Treasurer. 74 

Linda Carole Sontz; 12 Fieldbrook Road, Marblehead, Mass. 

Risa (Bear) Sontz; 750 Ridgecrest Road. Akron, Ohio; Junior 
Class Dorm Rep., Senior Spring Semester at Columbia Univer- 
sity, Junior Class Exec. Board, Skit Night. 78 


Peggy Ann Spellman; 131 Valentine Street, Fall River, Mass.; 
House Counselor. 90 

Donna Marie Splittgerber; 78 Westgate, Wellesley Hills, Mass.; 
N.S.A. Secretary, Junior Class N.S.A. Rep., Young Republi- 
cans, Recreation Assn, Simmons News, Campus Guide, Spring 
Spree Prizes Chairman, May Breakfast, Soph Class Luncheon. 

Lois Susan Statlender; 430 Crown Street, Meriden, Conn.; Jun- 
ior Semester in Colombia, Spanish Club, Skit Night. 151 
Cliristine Barbara Stawicki; Westbrook Road, P.O. Box 126, 
Essex, Conn.; Junior Class President, Dorm Social Activities 
Chairman, Stu-G Rep., Young Republicans, Simmons News, 
Campus Guide, Speakers Bureau Chairman, Spring Spree, 
Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Welcome, Senior Prom 
Decorations Co-Chairman, Senior Week. 94 
Karen Patricia Steere; 92 Billings Street, Sharon, Mass.; Dorm 
Treasurer, Dorm Vice President, Student Assistant, J.V.C.F., 
Glee Club Librarian, Spring Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast 
Housing Chairman, Junior Welcome. 65 

Karen Lee Stem; 165 Winthrop Road, Brookline, Mass.; Stu- 
dent Assistant, House Counselor, Soph Class Exec. Board, 
Home Ec Club, Campus Guide. 117 

Carol Irene Stieber; 1 10 Hillside Avenue, Verona, N.J. 68 
Sheila (Zablotsky) Strassburger; 105 Damon Road, Medford, 
Mass. 119 

Pamela Ann Street; 565 John Anderson Drive, Ormond Beach, 
Fla.; Frosh Dorm Rep., Soph Class Vice President, Recreation 
Assn. Rep., Dorm Vice President, Dining Room Council Rep., 
Campus Guide, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Junior Welcome. 

Bonita (Kowal) Sullivan; 367 Boston Road, Middletown, 
Conn.; Senior Spring Semester at Clark University, House 
Counselor, Newman Club, Campus Guide, May Breakfast. 91 
Susan Rowena Sumner; 16 Russell Street, Arlington, Mass.; 
Student Assistant, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Father- 
Daughter Weekend, Junior Welcome, Frosh and Soph Class 
Luncheons, Christmas Cotillion Treasurer. 106 
Aimee Elizabeth Swann; 80-76 Tryon Place, Jamaica, N.Y.; 
SCOPE Lecture Committee, Hillel, Junior Welcome, Student 
Academic Advisor. 91 


Ruth (Jacobi) Swedlow; c/o Jacob! 215 East 80th Street, New 
York, N.Y.; Dorm President, Junior Honor Board Rep., Frosh 
and Soph Class Exec. Boards, Swim Club, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Junior Welcome Co-Chairman. 146 
Jean Palley Tepper; 721 Westwood Avenue, Long Branch, 
N.J.; Dorm Treasurer, Tennis Team, Spring Spree Treasurer, 
Junior Welcome, Member of M.I.T. Concert Band. 91 
Barbara Theresa Thomas; 61 Pequot Avenue, Oak Bluffs, 
Mass.; Junior Spring Semester in Colombia, Newman Club, 
Civil Rights Club, Simmons News Asst. Technical Editor, Skit 
Night, Olde English Dinner. 136 

Maureen Therese Thornton; 5 Ridgeway Drive, Warren, R.I.; 
Junior Fall Semester at American University, Academy, New- 
man Club, Young Dems President, Soph Workshop, Spring 
Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast Entertainment Chairman, 
Father-Daughter Weekend, Soph Class Luncheon Entertain- 
ment Chairman, All College Elections. 93 

Sandra (Tashjian) Topalian; 112 Mt. Auburn Street, Water- 
town, Mass.; Commuter Organization, Le Cercle Francais. 143 
Judith Elaine Turner; 6 Munroe Avenue, Woburn, Mass.; Stu- 
G Asst. Secretary, Stu-G Exec. Board, SCOPE Films Commit- 
tee, SCOPE Publicity Co-Chairman, Academy, Newman Club 
Secretary, Young Dems Vice President, Simmons News Editor- 
in-Chief, Soph Workshop: Chairman of Soph Skit, Campus 
Guide, Spring Spree Publicity Chairman, Olde English Dinner 
Entertainment Chairman, Junior Welcome Foods Chairman, 
Soph Class Luncheon Chairman. 75 

Roberta (Kinnear) Ungerer; 211 Park Drive, Boston, Mass.; 
Prince Club, Simmons' Rep. to Jordan Marsh's College Board. 

Francesca P. Urbano; 16 Blueberry Lane, Lexington, Mass.; 
Drama Society Publicity Chairman, Skit Night, Father- 
Daughter Publicity Chairman, Junior Welcome Publicity 
Chairman. 98 

AnnLouise Viot; 110 Eldridge Street, Manchester, Conn.; 
Dorm Vice President, Dorm Fire Captain, Soph Class Exec. 
Board, Newman Club, P.T. Club, Campus Guide, Skit Night, 
May Breakfast. 134 

Irene Ward; 208 Warrenton Avenue, West Hartford, Conn.; 
Glee Club, Skit Night. 120 

Susan Dine Waidman; 106 Parker Avenue, Newton Highlands, 
Mass.; Young Republicans, Glee Club, Campus Guide. 141 
Betty Sue Watson; 28 Arlmont Street, Arlington, Mass. 113 
Emily Watson; 50 Laird Lane, Pittsford, N.Y.; SCOPE Music 
Committee Chairman, Academy, Glee Club, Simmons News 
Music Critic, Soph Luncheon. 140 

Myra Gail Waxman; 557 Norfolk Street, Mattapan, Mass. 93 
Victoria Weill; 1185 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.; Psych 
Club, Drama Society, Glee Club, Simmons News Drama 
Critic, Spring Spree, Skit Night, May Breakfast, Student Aca- 
demic Advisor, Fine Arts Committee Chairman. 102 
Susan Frances Weinbaum; 206 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, 
N.J. 92 
Sally Ann Weinberger; 5 1 Leland Road, Brookline, Mass. 85 

Deborah Weinstein; 4800 Chicago Beach Drive, Chicago, 111.; 
Modern Dance Club, Potpourri Editor, Speakers Bureau, Skit 
Night. 135 

Carolyn Weintraub; Arrowhead Lane, Fairfield, Conn.; Dorm 
Social Activities Chairman, Dorm President, Stu-G First Vice 
President. 92 

Deborah Barr White; Benson Manor Apartment, Apt. 523, 
Jenkintown, Pa.; Recreation Assn., Spring Spree, Skit Night, 
Olde English Dinner, Father-Daughter Weekend, Junior Wel- 
come. 127 

Ellen Young Williams; 300 Fairlea Road, Orange, Conn. 76 
Hannah Robinson Williams; 32 Van Buren Avenue, West 
Hartford, Conn.; Soph Class Treasurer, Civil Rights Club, 
Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner. 68 

Margaret Patricia Williamson; 12 Kerrycraig Circle, North- 
boro, Mass.; Swim Club, Campus Guide, Skit Night, May 
Breakfast, Olde English Dinner, Ski Team. 147 
Beverly Moy Wing; 38 C Paul Place, Boston, Mass.; Young 
Republicans Treasurer. 67 

Deanna Lee Wing; 84 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Mass. 98 
Donna Gene Winn; 147 Oakdale Road, Newton, Mass. 112 
Teresa Marie Winter; 124 Noyes Street, Portland, Maine; Stu- 
G Asst. Second Vice President, House Counselor, Senior Class 
Honor Board Rep., Swim Club Publicity Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Simmons News, Microcosm Editor-in-Chief, Soph Work- 
shop: Chairman of Soph Skit, Campus Guide, Potpourri, Skit 
Night, Olde English Dinner Invitations Chairman, Father- 
Daughter Weekend Finance Chairman, Soph Luncheon Invita- 
tions Chairman, All College Elections Banquet Chairman, All 
College Elections Chairman. 130 

Jeanne Susan Wolf; 304 River Street, Mattapan, Mass. 110 
Frances Lyian Wolff; 942 West State Street, Trenton, N.J.; Stu- 
G Rep., Simmons News, Campus Guide. 89 
Martha Leutia Woodall; 68 Meriam Street, Lexington, Mass. 

Susan Karen Woods; 137 Maiden Street, Worcester, Mass.; 
Dorm President, House Counselor, Drama Society, Dining 
Room Council Co-ordinator, Campus Guide. 115 
Sandra (Goodwin) Wright; 125 Bowker Street, Norwell, Mass. 

Sharon Anne Wright; 129 Green Knolls Lane, Fairfield, Conn.; 
Newman Club, Young Dems, S.D.S., Psych Club, Soph 
Luncheon. 143 

Sophia (Abrams) Zalk; 135 Willow Street, West Roxbury, 
Mass.; American Chemical Society Affiliate. 137 
Deborah (Dunlap) Zarrett; 28 J»eabody Terrace, Cambridge, 
Mass. 126 

Lisa Maxine Zimetbaum; 19 Lyons Avenue, Apt. 3C, Newark, 
N.J.; Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Academy, Modern 
Dance Club, Campus Guide, Social Relations Committee 
Chairman. 139 

Susan (Hower) Zimmerman; 37 Orchard Road, Milford, 
Conn.; Frosh and Soph Class N.S.A. Rep., Bluettes, Glee 
Club, May Breakfast, Olde English Dinner, Father-Daughter 
Weekend Co-Chairman, Soph Class Luncheon. 96 


photo credits 

MICROCOSM 1968 was published by Wm.J. Keller Inc. of 
Buffalo, N.Y., under the guidance of Roswell Farnham, Jr. 
The book is printed on 85 lb. white Velva Dull paper in black 
ink. PMS 279 blue ink is used in the opening section and on 
the divider sheets. The headlines and body copy are printed in 
Times Roman. 



page 1 lower right, John Roderick 

page 32, Frank Nemick 

page 33 top, Frank Nemick 

page 34, John Roderick 

page 35 top left, Don Estes 

page 35 top right, Dick Koolish 

page 35 bottom, Dick Koolish 

page 36, Bill Bloomquist 

page 37, John Roderick 

page 38 right, Terri Winter 

page 38 bottom, Marianne Bourguet 

page 39 right, Marianne Bourguet 

page 42 top right, Terri Winter 

Other photos by Tom Budney and Dan Warbok of Vic- 
tor O'Neill, Michael Krout, and Bradford Herzog. 

This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of litho- 
graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. 
No other priming firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 

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